Appz Features

Capture thoughts. Focus on the present

Do you find your mind racing – thoughts bouncing around inside your brain? Thought Box can help you become more mindful. When something’s on your mind, put it in ThoughtBox, gently let go and return to the present moment.

    “ThoughtBox is very simple but strangely addictive. When I realize my mind is lost in thoughts I can put them into Thought Box and return to what’s happening here and now.”

Review. Discover what’s on your mind

You can review your recent thoughts to find out what’s been on your mind. ThoughtBox sorts your thoughts over the past 3-days or week. It animates your thoughts live on the screen.

    “When I look back over the past week, I can see what’s really been on my mind. Then I can do something about it.”

Self Observation. Overcome Challenges

You can use ThoughtBox for self observation. When you notice your mind wandering or you’re feeling recurring positive or negative thought patterns, you can record them in ThoughtBox. Then you can step back and analyze your thoughts later. This can help you overcome long term challenges.

Private. Enabling openness

ThoughtBox is completely private. Nothing is uploaded to the internet, so you can be completely honest with yourself (and your iPhone).

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